Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking

Save Time…Make Money…Have Fun…Build Relationships. Through her professional speaking, Laura A Bruno, author, speaker, trainer and business consultant, has been revolutionizing the way business professionals think about referrals since 2004. Her mantra is “Build Your Relationships, Build Your Business.” 


An award-winning businesswoman and dynamic speaker, Laura has wowed audiences at industry conferences, company events and private networking organizations. She has been the keynote or guest speaker at over 500 events and has led over 500 workshops, with effective presentations that are designed so that attendees walk away with tools they can implement immediately.

With her thorough understanding of how people behave (DISC); why they do what they do (Motivators); and how they show up (Judgement);

She has developed her Blue Circles® technology which she brings to her professional speaking engagements.

In her book, The Blue Circles®, she teaches business professionals the ten steps to Turn Relationships into Referrals. She also offers assessments and consultations to help business owners hire the right people as well as guidance to help others find the right career. Along with her professional speaking expertise, Laura’s noteworthy credentials include: Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and Certified Professional Motivational Analyst.

Professional Speaking Topics

The Blue Circles®… 10 Steps to Increasing Referrals

In this signature talk based on Laura’s highly regarded book, you will learn the proven formula for turning relationships into referrals. She helps you identify and develop the right referral partners, i.e. “Blue Circles®” that will significantly grow your business by creating Referrals by Design… Not by Chance. ®

Pre-employment Testing…Use Assessments and Find the Right People

This educational and informative session will leave you inspired and motivated to find the right people for your organization. Assessments are being used globally because they work. Find out how and why. DISC, Motivators, Judgment and Sales IQ are revealed and discussed.

Build Credibility… Verbal and Visual Indicators to Implement DISC

Many have heard of DISC but most people don’t know how to use it effectively in daily interactions with others. This is a fun and interactive session where you learn how to recognize others with their verbal and visual clues and then how to adjust to build credibility. Tools learned work at home as well.

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