Pre-employment Testing

Pre-employment Testing

The Right Person in the Right Job is Priceless… The Wrong Person is a Nightmare Waiting to Happen! The biggest source of financial waste in many organizations is staff turnover. When hiring, you want to make the right decision the first time.


Behavioral issues and poor organizational fit are cited as the #1 and #2 reasons for employee turnover:

  1. $130 Billion is spent annually on hiring and selection (a)
  2. 75% of all hiring is due to turnover! (b)
  3. The average employee costs his/her company three times their annual salary once training, benefits and other ancillary expenses are calculated.
  4. Turnover is not only expensive but avoidable when businesses utilize behavioral assessments during the hiring and selection process. (c)
  5. 80% of Fortune 500 companies rely on selection assessments (d)
  6. Hiring the wrong person for the job will cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars (e)

Sources: (a) Say It Communications, (b), (c) Hireology, (d) Psychometric Success and (e)

So… how can you be sure the candidates applying have the job skills and soft skills you need for the position?

The answer is with pre-employment skills testing, it is an increasingly adopted tool among hiring owners and managers that is having stellar results in increasing accuracy and reducing the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person. You want to find the person that has the skills to do the job and the right tools to get along with your team and fit in with your company culture.

Testing your prospective employees will help you find the right person for the job.

Get started with pre-employment testing today.

We offer online assessments to help you choose wisely:

  • DISC – Behavioral Styles… "How" will the person show up
  • Motivators… What are the core values this person has in seven dimensions
  • Emotional Intelligence… an individual’s ability to understand his or her own emotions and the emotions of others.
  • Sales IQ Plus… Measures sales aptitude in eight areas
  • The Executive Summary… Judgment and critical thinking blended with DISC and Motivators. The most comprehensive hiring and selection assessment available today.

Laura’s unique approach and knowledge of how to interpret the assessments is critical to your success in building a solid team that will produce results and support each other.

We don’t offer:

  • Physical ability tests
  • Background or credit checks
  • Drug tests
  • Job skill tests

When to use Laura and the Assessments

When to use Laura and the Assessments:

When you have prequalified several applicants and you have already conducted a phone interview and an in person interview, you know they possess the skills you desire and want to make sure they will “fit” into your company culture and do the job well.

Call Laura and find out which assessments are the right ones for you and your team. All of the assessments are available online, they are easy, private and secure. You can now design the culture of the team you want to create!

Emotional Intelligence Testing:

Emotional intelligence (EI) is Strong emotional intelligence is important for most jobs and critical for some, since emotionally intelligent people have the ability to work well with colleagues, interact with the public, and handle disappointments and frustrations in a mature and professional way.





Critical Thinking


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