If you are looking for assistance in your professional or personal life… I highly recommend the following individuals. They are my friends and strategic partners… these are people I know, like, trust, they do a good job and I respect them. They have helped me and they will help you.

Accounting Services

Fred Karma and Nicole Albrecht

Financial Accounting Services is a tax and financial planning firm specializing in tax compliance, wealth management, and wealth protection. Financial planning is a process that involves forming relationships, discovering goals and developing a plan to meet those goals. 

Attorney (Business Litigation)

Patrick Maloney

Have a business dispute, want to sue an attorney or have another complicated business matter? Patrick is the man. Whether you need a strong letter written or go to court and do battle… Patrick is the man help you win! He has been a Rising Star – an award given to just 2.5 % of attorneys who have been in practice for ten years or less… he won this award four consecutive years starting
in 2005.

Attorney (Criminal Defense)

Anthony Salerno

A true full-service criminal defense law firm. They have successfully handled the full range of criminal cases in both State and Federal Court. They bring a high level of professionalism and energy to all of every case from drunk driving to the worst you and I can imagine.

Attorney (Estate Planning)

Scott Schomer & Laura Bromlow

Your estate is merely the assets you own, such as your car, residence, other real estate, cash and bank accounts. Regardless of how big or small, we all have an estate that we cannot take with us when we die. This is why estate planning is important for everyone!

Attorney (Estate Planning)

Armen Gregorian

A thoughtful and considerate gentlemen that takes care of people that need a little extra hand holding. Armen is patient and kind… he also knows the law and is a court appointed conservator.

Attorney (Patent)

Marc Hankin

Marc and his team focus on protecting the valuable intellectual property assets of corporations and individuals across California, the United States, and the world. They represent clients in all aspects of intellectual property law, including patent applications and patent infringement litigations as well as Trademark, service mark, trade dress registrations, litigations and more. Marc has helped me secure four trademarks. He’s the man I use for all of my needs in
this field.

Attorney (Personal Injury)

Carrie Rognlien

If you or a family member has been injured and need an attorney that will go to court and fight for you… it’s Carrie Rognlien! She has more than 20 years of experience and loves to win. She does the research, knows how to “make an argument” and oh by the way… loves to win!

Attorney (Real Estate)

Carol Glover

Carol Ann Glover, an attorney for more than 20 years, has broad experience in all areas of California real estate law. Her real estate practice focuses on real estate purchase and sales transactions, commercial leases, property management, escrow and title advisory, development, asset organization and restructuring, construction and architect contracts, landlord/tenant issues, loan workouts, and litigation related to
these areas.

Business Consultant

Larry Haas

Larry and his team are a strategic change management firm with a unique approach to problem solving that blends ideas (strategy), people (alignment), and action (integration). They are dedicated to help entrepreneurs slice through complexity, improve focus, and build the capabilities to succeed.

Creative Director

Glenn Grant

The Endeavor Production Group specializes in online and broadcast television production. We work with growing companies to build brand recognition and increase sales through creative video marketing.

HR Consultant

Dana Smith

Dana and her team provide outstanding outsourced HR needs for their clients such as: Employee handbooks, workforce management, training, benefit administration, hiring and firing as well.

IT Services

Brad Bach

Whether you need computer support assistance in person or prefer a remote solution… Brad is your guy. He has years of experience and stays current on technology changes and trends. He mostly works with larger companies that utilize the cloud and sophisticated equipment but has helped me on many occasions.


Mike Stromsoe

Mike and his team provide many different types of insurance for your auto, home, business and life and many others. I trust Mike with my insurance needs and hope you will consider doing business with him too.

Website Development

Dan Mulhern

siteCHISEL is your All-In-One WordPress Website Development Solution: Design, Hosting, Support, Security, Backups, Updates,
and More.

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